Android Apps for Weather and Travel 2021

These are the top Android apps for weather and travel

These are our top Android apps to plan a vacation, check the weather, and get around without getting lost.

National Park Service

The National Park Service App is an official guide to hundreds of US national parks. It is intended to be used by those who plan to visit a US national park, but it also contains information that may appeal to others.

This app contains information about events, maps and self-guided tours. It also includes information on accommodations, points of interests, restrooms, shopping, visitor center hours and more.

You can also access accessibility features like audio descriptions of exhibits and links to various webcams to get a live view of certain parks.

The National Park Service app has all of the features you need and is free to download. It does have some flaws, and it is not very stylish. But, when it is as functional as it is, we are okay with it.

Weather App

No Charge + $3.99/PS3.99 Yearly Subscription

It can be difficult to get excited about weather apps. While Appy Weather doesn’t change that, most people use them at least occasionally, so Appy Weather is definitely worth considering.

It was originally a Windows Phone app. Now it is available on Android. The interface is minimalistic and attractive. This makes it stand out from other weather apps.

Although your opinion on the style may vary, it is a feature-rich tool that provides all the information you need. This includes forecasts for the next seven days and current temperature. It also has visibility, cloud cover, precipitation and other details.

The majority of information is presented in easy-to-read graphs with large, clear texts. We also use Dark Sky for forecasts, which are generally accurate.

The cost of the free version is a problem. It allows you to search for forecasts five times per day. You can remove adverts and unlock widgets by subscribing for $3.99/PS3.99/year

Although it might not be appealing to subscribe to a weather app, most users won’t really need it. It’s hard to believe that you actually check the weather more than once a day. The app’s creator does a great job justifying its price. They explain that while it is a great Android application, the service they use to get the weather is not free. Therefore, a subscription model is necessary for the app to remain viable.

Culture Trip

Cultural Trip may be a good option for you if you are planning to travel abroad or simply want to make the most of your home city.

The Android app can search for a specific place or use your current location to display a list of articles that will cover things to do and tips and tricks related to that location.

Culture Trip has videos in some of its articles. For example, a search on New York City turned up articles like The Enchanting Witches of New York City. But there is plenty of other content, such as lists of top 20 sights that you should see.

You can save things that interest you and then download them offline. This is great if you are going abroad. You can also book hotels and other services right from the app. The app is easy to use with beautiful images and a great layout.

Atmosphere Weather

Annual Subscription Free + 3.99/PS3.69

Atmosphere is a unique way to distinguish yourself from other weather-watchers by showing the forecast as a 24-hour clock. Each hour of weather can be viewed by a separate segment on the clock face. This allows you to quickly see the hour-by hour weather forecast for the next day.

You can see the hourly temperatures as well as the color-coding that indicates the temperature and the clarity of the sky.

Calendar events can be displayed on the weather clock. A radar view with wind speeds and directions is also available.

Although the clock is the main feature, it’s an extremely useful and unique twist on weather forecasts.

After a two week free trial, you will have to pay $3.99/PS3.69 per annum for a subscription. Although we would prefer a one-time payment option, if you use this app often it is worth it.

Fog of the World


The Fog of World is an innovative and fun way to use mapping apps. It’s inspired from the fog of war that you see in video games, but it applies that fog to the real world.

The Android app provides a detailed map of the world, but adds fog to it. The fog does not obscure the map like most other games, but it dulls it a little. Once you’ve been to a place, the fog is removed. This allows you to see all of the places you’ve visited on one world map. It’s based on which parts don’t have fog.

You can unlock different achievements by leveling up, such as crossing the equator or visiting certain countries. You can sync your data to make it available on other devices.

Fog of World won’t replace Google Maps, but it is a fun visual way to look at where you have been. It covers everything, from your local grocery to your many holidays.

CARROT Weather

Free with an optional $3.99/PS3.39 annual subscription

After a long time on iOS, CAROT Weather is finally available for Android. It’s worth checking out if you enjoy a little bit of humor with your forecast.

In addition to providing accurate forecasts powered via Dark Sky, CARROT weather is also home to an AI that makes fun of you and delights in your weather-related misery. It can speak aloud through its synthetic voice, and there are more than 6,000 lines.

CARROT Weather is more personal than any other app, thanks to its cute illustrations and even a game where you follow clues to find secret locations.

You can also use the Android app to get the forecast. The app shows hourly and daily forecasts with humidity, UV Index and wind speed.

While the core app is completely free, you can purchase a customized widget, animated satellite maps, or get rid of ads for US$3.99/PS3.39/year (or US$0.99/PS0.89/month).


The app Moovit isn’t new. However, if you use public transport often it’s an Android application that’s worth learning about. Moovit allows you to enter a destination, and will show you a list of possible routes using all public transport routes.

To get complete directions and a map, tap on the route. You can also tap on the live navigation to see the route with live navigation.

You can also save your favorite routes and favorites the train and bus lines that you frequent, and quickly see their schedules.

You can also download maps to use offline and get real-time transport timings. Moovit is available in many other countries, and new information about transport is added regularly.

It’s a great app for public transport navigation.



Problem with weather apps is that they rely on one source of data. however, uses many sources and then calculates the most likely weather for any given time.

It uses a variety of weather providers, including AccuWeather and Weather Underground, NOAA/Met Office, Foreca and Dark Sky. However, only the most accurate for your location will be used.

You can view hourly and 10-day forecasts along with their likelihood of accuracy. Or, you can drill down to individual forecasts from each weather provider to see how they differ.

Climendo doesn’t have as much detail as other Android apps, such the UV index and humidity. However, if you only need to know whether you need an umbrella or not, this app is great.


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