October 3, 2022

These Ottoman beds are the best, from a side-opening fabric Ottoman to an end-opening wooden Ottoman frame.

A compact Ottoman storage bed is the best storage bed. This guide will help you choose the best bed for your bedroom. It will maximize storage space, conceal clutter from sight, and allow you to sleep like a log. If you are still unsure what an Ottoman bed actually is, this will help answer your question.

1. Ottoman Divan Base End Opening

Never tip your bedside tables. Lift your mattress from the foot of your bed to access the storage space. Your Ottoman Divan Base End Openable bed frame is easy to open with the 800 Newton gas pistons. The bed is placed underneath on gliders. If you prefer castors, please let us know when you call to arrange delivery.

The price for this firm top divan bed starts at PS299 depending on its size. There are 26 sizes to choose from. We can’t make yours to order if you need it made to your specifications or in a different size.

As you would expect, the Ottoman Divan Base End Opening Ottoman bed frame is covered with padding. This makes it ideal for memory foam and latex mattresses. This Ottoman Ottoman base can be used with any mattress. It also allows you to choose from 14 different fabrics that will match your bedroom decor.

2. Ottoman Divan Base Side Opening

Have a narrow bedroom? This Ottoman bed frame from Hugo & Sons can be pushed against the wall to lift your mattress using the 600 Newton gas pistons. You have more options than ever to choose from, with 19 decor-matching choices available starting at PS259 Get PS40 off when you buy this Ottoman Divan Base Side-Opening bed frame and a mattress The smaller bases come in one piece while the larger ones are delivered in two. There are 26 sizes available, including UK single Ottoman beds, UK single Ottoman beds, UK singles, EU kings, short super-king, and many more.

3. Ottoman Divan Base Half Opening

A half-opening Ottoman divan base can be used in attic bedrooms with sloped ceilings. It opens from the foot and is powered by 600 Newton gas pistons. You want more storage? We can build a standard or small continental drawer into the head section. Your Ottoman Divan Base half opening starts at PS299 and is available in 14 colors. It can be either a UK small double or UK double, UK King or UK Super king fabric Ottoman bed.

4. Phoenix Wooden Ottoman Bed Frame

This Ottoman bed frame, made from solid rubber wood, is finished in MDF veneers in Oak or white to look like a traditional shaker style. The Phoenix Wooden Ottoman bed frame has a natural bounce. It adjusts to your pressure points, making it comfortable and easy to fall asleep. You can choose from three sizes starting at PS379: UK Small Double, UK Double, and UK King divan Ottoman beds.

5. Castello Ottoman Sleigh Upholstered Mattress

What about our most luxurious fabric Ottoman bed? The high, cushioned headboard with matching foot ends and the tall, buttoned, cushioned scroll headboard make for a luxurious feeling Castello Ottoman Sleigh Upholstered mattress with either glitzy silver, charcoal, or grey fabrics.