October 3, 2022

You’re probably searching Google for “how to clean sex toys” and you have no idea how to do it.

Another question: Do you rinse your toys in hot soapy water? Or do you wipe them down with a cloth to avoid irritation of your skin the next time you use your toy.

These are all great questions that we asked a sex-pert. Continue reading as Danyell Fima, cofounder of The Thruster talks about the shelf life of lubes and condoms. She also shares tips and tricks on cleaning and her favorite products.

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Why is it so important to clean your sex toys.

First, let’s be honest – did you ever consider how much money your sex toys could cost? It’s probably more than you realize. Fima shares that your adult pleasure collection is important and should be cleaned regularly to maintain their best health.

To make a long story short, certain bacterias can build up in sucking male masturbator, eventually leading to infection. She explains that infection or harm is almost certain if you use degraded pleasure products.

How frequently should I clean my sex toys

Ideal world: After every use.

Although it may sound tedious, it is actually very practical. You risk getting bacteria every time you use it. This is something you don’t want near your genitals.

It is important to keep them dry and dust-free after cleaning.

Your step-by-step cleaning guide

Are you unsure where to begin cleaning your sex toys?

Ask the experts for help. Fima shares that most sex toys can be cleaned by using warm water and soap. You can also use a high-quality sex toys cleaning fluid, Fima says.

She recommends that you use an antibacterial agent to clean your sex toys, which can be spray or soap.

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According to studies, viruses can stay on sex toys for as long as 24 hours even after they are cleaned. Fima cautions that intimate pleasure products should be used with care. “Clean new toys after use and before each use.”

Are you still unsure? These guidelines will help you clean your sex toys. This guide is written with the Thruster in your mind but can be used for any toy.

How can you tell which sex toys are worth keeping and which ones to toss?

Good question. That’s a good question.

Fima says that quality sex toys can last several years.

Consider the following when deciding what to throw out:

Surface degradation

She warns that any surface degradation is unacceptable. She explains that these defects are the first place bacteria will settle and grow.

Old batteries

She believes that battery-operated toys that have been left unattended for a while must be thrown out. “Most adult pleasure products contain a battery. It’s crucial to get rid of them before you store them. This will prevent corrosion and other problems.

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Orange and rust

Is your toy in need of batteries or charging before it can be used? She advises that you check for orange rust in these areas. She explains that it is a sign of corrosion and could indicate water damage or excessive dampness. It’s time for them to be replaced.

They might be slightly worn. She shares, “Don’t be afraid of throwing them out and buying new ones.” She says this will do you a favor, since it is best to use sex toys with excellent warranty and medical grade materials.

Fima offers two top tips to help you choose a long-lasting sex toy. She recommends that you choose steel or glass pleasure products. They are durable and easy to store.

Are condoms and lubricants subject to sell-by dates?

They do. Fima shares that these are “limited-life items, similar to milk.”

You could endanger your condoms or lube if it is beyond its sell-by date (which should be clearly indicated on the package).

Most condoms and lubes will last for three years. However, it is a good idea to double-check the sell by dates on any packet before you use them.

3 easy hacks to clean your sex toys

1. It’s a good habit to make.

Fima urges you to not wait. It will become a routine if you make it a habit to clean it immediately. She shared that it takes only a few seconds to clean, and then you are done.”

Top tip If you are able to keep your privacy intact, use a towel that isn’t lint-free to dry your items. She explains that it is a reminder to finish the work and to put them away when you are done.

2. Keep it simple

The only thing you need to clean most products is warm water and soap, says the sex-pert. There are no excuses.

3. Dry them!

Don’t forget to clean your toys. You should also store your toy in a dry, clean, and dust-free place.