Why You Should Still Buy GTA V?

On the annual Top 20 Highest-Selling Game List, which is published annually by The NPD Group each January, one game stood out. Grand Theft Auto V was released five years ago, in 2013, amid new games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 or Spider-Man. Yes, ” GTA 5.”

It is amazing to see the number of newly released games GTA5 sold. HTML5 sold more copies than FIFA 2019,, more then the Dragon Ball Fighterz, and more than the Battlefield VR. No. 11. GTA5 was just one less popular than Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. 10. These total numbers could be even higher, as The NPD Group does not track digital sales.

While everyone expects that Grand Theft Auto will sell well, few people would have expected that the momentum to continue for so long. GTA5 was even No. 6 on the U.S. most-sold games list in 2016 as well as 2017. These numbers are especially interesting for the video game industry, which has a long history of being able to pay attention quickly and celebrate the next thing.

After all these years, who is still playing GTA5? What’s more, is the game still being purchased after all these years? What has Rockstar Games done in order to keep the game relevant enough to allow people to continue to buy it even years later?

What’s the deal with GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V has found a way to get your players to buy your game and stay with it for a while.

The traditional draw for GTA games is the single-player story. But, Rockstar modest menu really hit it off with Grand Theft Auto V Online. Even though Grand Theft Auto IV was populated and Red Dead Redemption were still in development, Rockstar seemed to understand what the players want from GTA 5 online. They also promised to keep building it.

This has made it the most profitable entertainment product. It’s also one of the most-played. Although Sony doesn’t release exact numbers, enough information was gathered to determine that GT5 was the most-played game on PlayStation 4. With almost 20 million more users than Fortnite. Microsoft hasn’t released an exhaustive number, but the game frequently appears on the top 5 most-played video games.

GTA5 also fits in with the current obsession with streaming video games. Its flexibility and freedom, along with Rockstar’s commitment to making the game more interesting by adding Heist missions to the game’s story, has made it a top-ranked Twitch stream. GT 5 has ranked 11th in average viewers over the top games on Twitch for the past seven days.

Rockstar built the house

Grand Theft Auto V Online was the main reason people keep returning to Los Santos (a fictional city in GTA5), over and over.

It was launched a month after its initial release. Many people were turned off by issues and the in-game economics. Rockstar responded quickly to numerous complaints and even offered $500,000 in-game currency to compensate. Slowly but surely, the public opinion improved while offering more options for players.

Grand Theft Auto V Online had a lot of deathmatches, races, and other missions at its inception. Rockstar transformed it into something closer to The Sims. Rockstar offered a variety of clothing, vehicles, weapons, apartments, and other items for players to customize. Money can be earned by missions or microtransactions. In 2015, Rockstar introduced Heists, which are longer, more complex missions that are similar to Destiny_’s Raids. These missions allow players to coordinate with other people to obtain more in-game currency, to purchase more cosmetics.

Rockstar isn’t stopping there. Arena War was the most recent update. It was released in December. It puts players in a brutal, deadly game show where they compete against others online for prizes.

Rockstar has accumulated a wealth of content over the five-year history of the game, which doesn’t include the modding community.

Modders make it move

Rockstar might have created the bones but it was only after vibrant, creative players put flesh on them that it became a reality. The GTA Online modding community has greatly expanded the possibilities of the game and what players have come to expect. This is largely due to the growth of dedicated, modded roleplay servers which allow players to live a variety of lives but all with moderated supervision.

To exploit Los Santos’ diversity, players can become taxi drivers, laborers, drug dealers , and many other roles. Players can hide their criminal behavior from the police if they want to live a life of crime. A player can be arrested and sent to prison for a specific amount of time. GTA5 has a new, streamable life thanks to real-life voice calls and text messages.

Roleplay servers are only one example of how GTA5 players have helped Rockstar make the game a success.

People continue to buy GTA5 because of their dedication to creating new content.

Games as a Service (GaaS), a business model , has been a hot topic in the industry. Many games are constantly adding new content to keep players coming back and spending more money.

The model was created back in the early days of World of Warcraft and evolved slowly through map packs and DLC. However, many consider Destiny to be one of the games that improved the model and brought the model to consoles. Grand Theft Auto V Online is the first GaaS that was truly modernized. Not only did it include microtransactions that boost in-game currency but Rockstar also created at minimum yearly updates content that has increased the player’s abilities. It has also been very profitable for Rockstar Interactive and publisher Take-Two Interactive. It has been a worthwhile investment to keep updating the game with new content to expand the benefits that both new and old players have.

People continue to buy GTA5 because of their dedication to creating new content and the community’s tireless support. This all shows that GTA 5 won’t be going away soon. Its strong sales base and player interest will ensure that it continues to be enjoyed by many for years to follow. Grand Theft Auto VI is still years away. GTA5’s success allows Rockstar to take its time in developing it. While GTA5 may not make it to the 2019 charts, I’d be very surprised if it made it to the top 20.